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Tips for shielding your wealth

Our life is not constant, it consists of ups and downs. But even these ups can be infinitely high, and the falls fatal.

So you can characterize the current situation Eike Batista hails from Brazil, who just 18 months ago was extremely happy and rich thanks to his fortune of 34 billion dollars, with which he literally stepped on the heels of Bill Gates and Carlos Slim.

So that you can more clearly realize this figure, you should give a small example. Batista’s condition exceeded GDP in more than 100 countries of the world. For example, Latvia, Cyprus, Paraguay or Kenya. But, in March last year, fortune seemed to have turned away from Batista. As Hemingway wrote: “bankruptcy comes first gradually, and then suddenly.”

Today you are a successful businessman or banker who actively works and earns a comfortable retirement, and tomorrow you are an “enemy”. Another interesting story occurred in Italy, when in October of this year one of the Swiss bankers, Raul Weil decided to visit Italy.

Until 2009, Raul Weil managed the UBS business of serving wealthy clients and after he decided to visit Bologna this year, he was detained by local law enforcement agencies.

But why, and the fact that in 2009, US law enforcement agencies filed Weil, in that he assisted 17,000 US citizens in tax evasion and concealing assets worth more than $ 20 billion.

According to the Italian police, Vail did not even hide and checked into a hotel under his own name, which is why the warning system worked that the person was on the international wanted list.

But the most paradoxical is that we daily read news about the fate of other people. They get richer, then bankrupt, jail and the application of ridiculous laws. And we almost never think that all this can happen to us. Until it suddenly happens. This happens not only with people but with whole masses, peoples, and countries.

In the case of Batista, the main reasons for his collapse are a disregard for recommendations, arrogance and too much debt. Despite all the warnings and fears, the person still adhered only to his opinion and did not believe that this would happen to him sometime.

All this is so similar to modern governments, which one after another brought countries to the brink of collapse and poverty. This suggests that each of us is at risk.

For example, due to the collapse of the central bank, unemployment, or if suddenly one of the leading world leaders suddenly dies. We are all like eyelets in one large woven canvas. If an eyelet breaks off somewhere, then the whole canvas will die with it.

The best example is the global financial crisis that began in 2008. After all, it could have been prevented, if not the next mistake of the bank or the world leader.

But, as it were, there wasn’t, you shouldn’t wait for the next financial crisis or force majeure, you need to act today and think about your security.

That is why many far-sighted people acquire land suitable for agriculture. Just so just in case, if something happens, there will always be a piece of land, which you can possibly “feed” you.

Of course, owning agricultural land overseas may be too complicated for someone, but there are easier ways to protect yourself. For example, move part of your savings to a foreign jurisdiction with a stable banking system and prudent government.

Also, do not forget about eternal values such as gold. Investing in precious metals diversifies your savings in risky currencies.

If you decide to take these steps, it will not mean that you are a pessimist, you just know how to plan, and beware of dangers.

We can select the best bank and the best foreign jurisdiction for your savings. But even if nothing happens in the modern financial world, nothing prejudicial will happen because you took action to protect your capital. Well, if something goes according to a bad scenario, then your decision to diversify your risks may be the right decision in your life.

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